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Kylie Minogue Quotes

Australian pop singer, songwriter, and actress


Kylie Ann Minogue, OBE began her career as a child actress on Australian television. She became famous for her role in the TV soap opera Neighbours. She began her career as a recording artist in 1987. Her first single, "Locomotion", spent seven weeks at number one on the Australian singles chart. It also became the highest selling single of the decade.

Kylie Minogue Info

Birth nameKylie Ann Minogue
Date of BirthMay 28, 1968
Place of BirthMelbourne, Australia
OccupationsSinger, songwriter, actress, record producer, fashion designer, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist
GenresPop, rock, dance,Synthpop electronic
Years active1979–present
LabelsMushroom, Geffen, PWL, Deconstruction, Parlophone, EMI, Capitol
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 I never went to university so my dad will be very proud when he sees the pictures. am here partly for the work I do promoting breast cancer awareness. When you are diagnosed yourself it becomes a lot more real and you appreciate at first hand the hard work that goes on to support patients through it. 
— Kylie Minogue while accepting a honorary Doctor of Health Science award from Anglia Ruskin University in Essex. / October 06, 2011
 Love, love, love....on this day 9/11 to All The Lovers 
— Kylie Minogue on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 attacks / September 11, 2011
 It was my family who supported me through the really rotten, dark moments. 
— Kylie Minogue saying her family helped her get through tough times when she suffered with cancer / March 07, 2011
 I do think about them and I would absolutely look into those options because children and family are very important to me. It's something in my mind. I would really love to be a mother, but I just don't think it can ever happen. After everything I've been through - the treatment for breast cancer - I may not actually be able to conceive. 
— Kylie Minogue is open to adoption / February 23, 2011
 I set the benchmark for Gaga, We’ve done it before, with all our creative shows, and now the new artists are following us. She inspires me and I love what she does, But we’ve done it before. I had the Aphrodite theme and no one has done that before. Think outside the box is what I do, and that’s what keeps it fresh for me. The whole water palace idea and the splash zone was all new. I set the benchmark and now I cant wait to see what the new talent will do next. 
— Kylie Minogue saying she set the benchmark for Lady Gaga / February 21, 2011
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 I don’t ever think about the age gap between us. It doesn’t exist unless I say something like, ‘Do you remember that song from the summer of ’93?’ And he says, ‘No’. And I think, ‘Is that because you are Spanish or because you were still at high-school then?’ I would say that compared to previous relationships, he is very level-headed, not up and down. I am up and down, so it’s good to have someone who is very steady, very consistent. It’s great. 
— Kylie Minogue is happy to be a cougar / September 15, 2010
 Trust me, I have been in floods of tears at my oncologist, saying, ‘I can’t stand it, get me off this stuff,’ and he will become very stern and say, ‘We have to cure you,’ so you have to carry on with it because it works. I will finish early next year and that will be amazing, but I’ve also heard that you can feel quite insecure when you first come off it because you have relied on this medication for so long. It’s going to be a big adjustment. 
— Kylie Minogue still gets tears over on her ongoing cancer treatement / September 14, 2010
 Work was a big part of my recovery. Even when I was going through treatment I was fantasizing about the Showgirl Homecoming tour. I had to do it — I don’t know what else I would have done. As I went through the treatment, I would try and concentrate on the future… But I’ll be the one in the old people’s home doing high-kicks in the corner. There is an inherent part of me that says, ‘This is what I do, this is who I am.’ I just can’t stop – it’s difficult to subdue a performer’s instinct. 
— Kylie Minogue is looking forward to get back to work / September 14, 2010