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Kourtney Kardashian Quotes

American celebutante, socialite, model, businesswoman and television personality.


Kourtney Mary Kardashian is American Armenian celebutante, socialite, model, businesswoman, and television personality. She is best known for her appearances on the reality shows Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.

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 Dash is not for my clothing store, as some people have suggested online. That would be stupid. Dash is short for Kardashian, and it was my father's nickname. 
— Kourtney Kardashian on finding a name for her new born baby / December 31, 2009
 Right now I'm obsessed with Mason and want to give him all my time, But being with him has definitely made me think about having another one! 
— Kourtney Kardashian wants to have another child / December 30, 2009
 Kim and I are 18 months apart. Growing up, we did everything together. It would be nice for Mason to have a little brother or sister that many months apart too. 
— Kourtney Kardashian wants to have another child / December 30, 2009
 It feels amazing. It's just so indescribable. You don't get how good being a parent feels until it happens to you. 
— Kourtney Kardashian on parenthood / December 2009
 It was surprisingly easy and just an incredible experience. I always thought your first is supposed to be really hard, but it was easy. I have an amazing doctor. He actually delivered me! The room environment was just so relaxing, and everyone I wanted to be there was there-Scott, my mom, Kim and Khloé. No one under 18 is allowed in, so my little sisters Kendall and Kylie couldn't come in. Actually, you're only allowed to have two people in the room because of the swine flu - so we snuck Kim and Khloe in! 
— Kourtney Kardashian on giving birth / December 2009

 Saw New Moon last night and LOVED it!Bella,Edward,Jacob...ugh they're all so sexy!The intensity!Makes we want pale skin w/red lips & eyes! 
— Kourtney Kardashian on her Twitter page / November 24, 2009
 It was hard, There was so much negative energy. But this is the father of my baby - I needed everyone to just get over it. 
— Kourtney Kardashian on Scott Disick / November 18, 2009
 I like when you can see it, I, like, run around naked all day at home. 
— Kourtney Kardashian on her pregnancy bump / August 23, 2009
 I wasn't normally a breakfast person. [Now] I eat breakfast the second I get up and I'm definitely hungry all throughout the day, 
— Kourtney Kardashian on her diet after being pregnant / August 23, 2009
 I have more healthy cravings than my normal eating habits, like I crave fruit and cold things like smoothies. 
— Kourtney Kardashian on her pregnancy cravings / August 23, 2009