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Konkona Sen Sharma Quotes

Indian film actress


Daughter of filmmaker Aparna Sen. Konkona Sen made her debut in acting as a child actress in the film Indira in 1983. Her notable performances in movies include Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, Page 3, Omkara, Life in a Metro etc.

Konkona Sen Sharma Info

Date of BirthDecember 3, 1979
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 I'm getting to know Ranbir a bit only now after shooting for so many months. He's warm and sweet but we both keep in our own space. He's a very big star. And also a good actor. But most impressive is the fact that he knows everything about cinema, and not just acting. In front of him, I feel like a novice. Ranbir knows about camera angles and all. In fact they even took his suggestions on camera angles. People want to see how we look together. We come from different genres of cinema. 
— Konkona Sen Sharma on Ranbir Kapoor
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 I'm an actor, and quite comfortable in that role. I don't think I've any plans of directing a film. 
— Konkona Sen Sharma on whether she plans to direct any movies
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 I've known him for a while. It's hard to say Luck By Chance is his third film as an actor. He's a natural. 
— Konkona Sen Sharma on Farhan Akthar
 I was dying to move in. It's just fifteen minutes away from where I stayed earlier. It's much more spacious and far more organized. Funny as it may sound, in my head I am still living in cottages and bastis. Even my earlier place just had stuff cluttered all over. Now I was like bowled over because I've a real dining table. 
— Konkona Sen Sharma on moving to her new house