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Kiran Kumar Reddy Quotes

Indian Politician


Kiran Kumar Reddy is the current Speaker of the 13th Andhra Pradesh State Legislative Assembly

Kiran Kumar Reddy Info

Spouse (s)Radhika Reddy
ChildrenNikelesh Reddy, Niharika Reddy
Political PartyIndian National Congress
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 I do not know whether the Telangana issue has reached a climax or not. We are seeking a positive decision for all and we should be in a position to work in a free atmosphere if a decision is taken. 
— Kiran Kumar Reddy / January 23, 2013
 At his age, any sportsman would be affected by the worn-out factor. But Sachin continues to shine. 
— Kiran Kumar Reddy congratulating Sachin Tendulkar for scoring a double century in a one-day international match / February 25, 2010
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 It will be difficult for me to run the House in the present prevailing situation. Based on the Government's view and with the consent of the House, I will adjourn the House sine die 
— Kiran Kumar Reddy adjourning the house / December 15, 2009
 It's good to see the two of you appreciate each other like this. 
— Kiran Kumar Reddy to YS Rajasekhara Reddy and Nara Chandrababu Naidu / June 09, 2009
 Till filing of nomination for the Speaker's post, I am a hardcore Congress party worker. I fulfilled my duty while serving as Government Chief Whip during the last five-year period. There was no personal enmity with any member of the House. Now, I do not belong to any party and that does not mean I resign from the Congress party. Only time would tell whether I am partial or impartial. 
— Kiran Kumar Reddy after becoming the 13th Speaker of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly / June 04, 2009