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Kimi Raikkonen Quotes

Formula One Driver


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 I was in Formula One for a long time and, right now, I don't miss it. In F1, testing and everything is exactly the same. You go to the same circuits and do lap after lap. The only variable is whether it rains or not, 
— Kimi Raikkonen / February 2010
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 The World Rally Championship (WRC) is more open than F1, it's more relaxed and there's a warmer feeling. The teams are friends together. In rallying, everything is completely different to Formula One. There are so many variables - different conditions, different roads and different surfaces, 
— Kimi Raikkonen / February 2010
 It is a big challenge. Every corner is different. In Formula One that's not the case. 
— Kimi Raikkonen about World Rally Championship / February 2010
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 For me, it doesn't matter who is racing in Formula one now. Michael probably started to miss it and has got a good option now - so it's good for him. Let's see how he does 
— Kimi Raikkonen when asked what he thinks about Michael Schumacher coming out of retirement to race in Formula One / February 2010
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 I only see the times in the newspapers the following day. I have this new challenge and I am more interested in this right now. But even when I raced in F1, I never really looked at what time everyone did because you know the details before the next race, 
— Kimi Raikkonen / February 2010