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Kim Jong-Hun Quotes

Head Coach of the Korea DPR national football team


Kim Jong-Hun is a North Korean football coach and the current head coach of the Korea DPR national football team. In 2009 he led the team as it qualified for the 2010 World Cup, their first trip since 1966.

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 For the first half our players really carried out our plan for the Brazilian team, when they were attacking from the sides or the wings, or at individual plays, we managed to fend them off. We were very well prepared to fight against any of their tactics and when we intercepted the ball we passed very quickly. Unfortunately we were unable to put the ball in the net. In the second half Brazil were more on the attack but we tried to find a goal opportunity. I thought we fought quite bravely. 
— Kim Jong-Hun is proud of his team despite losing to Brazil 1-2 in their first match at 2010 FIFA World Cup / June 16, 2010
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