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Kendra Wilkinson Quotes

American television personality and glamour model


Kendra Leigh Wilkinson is well known for her role on the E! reality-television show The Girls Next Door, on which her life as one of Hugh Hefner's three girlfriends was documented.

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 It's crazy. My attitude has changed so much. I'm nicer. I've got a lot of new responsibilities. I sort of take on my baby's personality. When he's happy I'm happy. 
— Kendra Wilkinson is a changed person now / March 04, 2010
 When the baby sleeps, we have s*x! That’s what it is for us. That’s why it’s so cool to be young parents because we have the energy to do that. 
— Kendra Wilkinson / March 2010
 I’d definitely consider getting my b**bs redone after breast-feeding. They're a little too big now. I've considered getting a breast reduction. 
— Kendra Wilkinson wants to change her looks again / February 24, 2010
 If I were asked, it'd be a hard decision, but I'd lean toward no. The Playboy chapter of my life is now closed. I would definitely model, but I don't think I would pose nude. I'm on to the next chapter of being a mom and a wife. 
— Kendra Wilkinson may not appear in Playboy again / February 24, 2010
 I have sooooo many amazing xmas memories and i'm sure this one will top the rest now that i'm sharing it with my son and my hubby!! 
— Kendra Wilkinson on spending first christmas as a wife and mother / December 22, 2009
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 Up all night with the lil man again but i enjoy every min of it, He almost peed in my face today. 
— Kendra Wilkinson on her new born son / December 21, 2009
 Yesterday Hank and i put our lights up for lil Hank's first Xmas. We're so excited he's gonna be here before the holiday!!!! We're gonna shower him with gifts even though he won't even know what they are lolol. 
— Kendra Wilkinson unveiling a photo of her Christmas decorated house / December 04, 2009
 This is my favorite time of year, i feel so blessed that I'm getting the best present in the world! 
— Kendra Wilkinson on the Christmas season / December 04, 2009
 I bought the dogs Christmas sweaters, haha!!... I dressed Rascal as Santa Claws and Martini as Mrs. Claws.... looked soooo cute with them on, 
— Kendra Wilkinson on dressing her dogs for Christmas / November 23, 2009
 I always yell at [husband] Hank for playing video games too much but then yesterday Hank and my friend Eddie caught me playing DJ Hero hahaha. It was so funny!!! 
— Kendra Wilkinson on her web site saying she is playing video games to escape from her pregnancy boredom / November 18, 2009
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