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Kendra Wilkinson Quotes

American television personality and glamour model


Kendra Leigh Wilkinson is well known for her role on the E! reality-television show The Girls Next Door, on which her life as one of Hugh Hefner's three girlfriends was documented.

Kendra Wilkinson Info

Birth nameKendra Leigh Wilkinson
Date of BirthJune 12, 1985
Place of BirthSan Diego, California, US
Height5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight130 lb (59 kg)
Spouse (s)Hank Baskett (2009-present)
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
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 My only word to him was 'good!. He wouldn't be Hugh Hefner if he got married to her. We have Hef back so I'm glad, I'm happy. 
— Kendra Wilkinson is glad that Hugh Hefner's engagement failed / August 30, 2011
 I made sure my dress was in a completely separate room and that no one went in there. 
— Kendra Wilkinson gives wedding advice to Kim Kardashian / August 15, 2011
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 If there is good music then people are dancing and having fun, and nothing else matters, 
— Kendra Wilkinson says good music is the key to wedding / August 15, 2011
 I moved to Pasadena in California to film Kendra. The place there, which you see on the show, was really a nightmare. That place was 100 per cent haunted. I swear, I’d be watching the baby on his monitor, and I saw orbs. It was so scary. I was like, ‘F**k this, I want to feel safe.’ So when I was done filming, I got out of there. 
— Kendra Wilkinson believes her old house was haunted / February 20, 2011
 We had to meditate through the hard times. Baby Hank definitely needs a sibling. 
— Kendra Wilkinson saying she and husband Hank Baskett are trying for another baby / February 09, 2011

 Not having Hank around hurts. Moving across the country by myself makes me think of my own mom who raised me and my brother alone. Hank’s not going to be there forever, but with him not physically here, I’m a single parent now. 
— Kendra Wilkinson feels like a single parent when husband Hank Baskett is not around / November 03, 2010