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Kellan Lutz Quotes

American film and television actor


Kellan Christopher Lutz became popular for his role Emmett Cullen in the Twilight series. He was an Abercrombie & Fitch model before he started acting. Kellan Lutz has appeared in a number of television shows including Model Citizens, The Comeback, The Bold and the Beautiful, CSI:NY etc. He is one of the models featured in the Calvin Klien X underwear campaign. Lutz was selected as one of the People's Sex & Single Men of 2009.

Kellan Lutz Info

Birth nameKellan Christopher Lutz
Date of BirthMarch 15, 1985
Place of BirthDickinson, North Dakota, United States
OccupationsActor, model
Years active1999-present
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 We had fun times with the fights scenes. We had an oopsy daisy moment when I hit Jackson and knocked him out a little bit during one of our scenes. 
— Kellan Lutz knocked out his co-star while shooting Twilight during a fight scene / July 02, 2010
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 He was a trooper he got up and started gurgling his words and mumbling — it was cute. He has become a mischievous little Jackson lately, who thinks he can take the world. But it was really great times after that. 
— Kellan Lutz knocked out his co-star while shooting Twilight during a fight scene / July 02, 2010
 I think us guys are fortunate to have such a great female fan base – from age eight to 80. I know my grandparents have lots of friends who are saying ‘We want pictures of him topless.’ It is quite the talk in a small town. 
— Kellan Lutz saying old people ask for his topless photos / June 18, 2010
 Recently a fan brought handcuffs to a convention that I was at. I didn’t really pay attention to what she said, but she actually said ‘Do you mind if I handcuff myself to you?’ I was like ‘Yeah, do it!’ Then I heard this clunk-click noise of metal — and she almost got to me. Luckily, security stepped in. 
— Kellan Lutz about a weird request from one of his fan / June 18, 2010
 I could only hope and pray that I could have a career like Mark Wahlberg, 
— Kellan Lutz wants a career like Mark Wahlberg / May 13, 2010

 I won’t lie about it. I started getting text messages and calls from producers, and when I went into meetings for scripts, people were always commenting on the billboard and asking for pictures for their daughters. 
— Kellan Lutz saying his pictures from the underwear ad campaign fetched him more work offers / May 13, 2010
 The guys are going to bring their girlfriends to this one, mark my words. There’s a lot of fighting, a lot of cool stunts. It’s a little darker. The stuff I’ve seen so far is amazing. Amazing. The music is great. Everything is just really captivating. I’m excited to see it, and I’m excited for the fans to see it. 
— Kellan Lutz saying the new edition of Twilight will be a hit with the guys / May 07, 2010
 It was a bit weird, like for the main battle scene where the newborns come in. I mean, we’re looking at these cardboard cut outs as we’re acting, as we’re supposed to be head-butting creatures. So to see it live on the screen is so cool. And running on the treadmills to do the chase scene was awesome. We were being pulled by a truck going really fast to make it seem like we were running at vampiric speed. To see it on screen, it looks epic. 
— Kellan Lutz had to do some weird work while filming Twiligt / May 07, 2010