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Katy Perry Quotes

American Singer and Songwriter known for her breakthrough single "I Kissed a Girl".


Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, better known by her stage name Katy Perry, is an American singer-songwriter and musician. Perry rose to fame in 2007 with her internet hit "Ur So Gay", and later scored in 2008 her breakthrough single "I Kissed a Girl". Perry was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California by Christian pastor parents and grew up listening only to gospel music. After earning a GED during her freshman year of high school, she began to pursue a music career. As Katy Hudson, she released a self-titled gospel album in 2001. In 2004, she recorded an album with production team The Matrix, but it was never released. After signing on with Capitol Music Group in 2007, she took on stage name Katy Perry and released her first mainstream album, One of the Boys.

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 You've got Gaga, who's like, from outer space; you've got Ke$ha, who's the beer-drinking, house-party girl; and then you've got Rihanna, who's transforming the urban world into her own outer space. But I feel like you're missing an Alanis Morissette, 2010. I love how she was a voice for a lot of people who couldn't explain their feelings. But it's not like I'm not gonna compete. I love a good dose of healthy competition. It's not going to be the same thing that they're doing. 
— Katy Perry / February 24, 2010
 Can you imagine the kind of responsibility I have with his reputation? I'm bedridden most of the week. 
— Katy Perry joking that she hardly gets out of the bed with fiance Russell Brand / February 23, 2010
 His look is Jim Morrison meets Charles Manson meets Jesus meets a little bit of Elvis Presley,... He's a walking genius. Just standing next to him makes me smarter. He's good for me. He's not a p***k in any way, shape or form. He's the boss; he calls the shots. I like that. I've been waiting for someone I couldn't steamroll. 
— Katy Perry on her fiance Russell Brand / February 23, 2010
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 Unfortunately, I still Google myself sometimes, I saw it on Google alerts. I'm going to be honest! 
— Katy Perry saying google ruined her engagement / February 01, 2010
 I'm excited to find a partner who can just be my teammate, And there's got to be respect. For me, that's hard because it's easy for me to steamroll guys. I need a man who tells me the party's over, that it's time to go home, because [we] have to work in the morning. 
— Katy Perry on her fiance Russell Brand / January 06, 2010

 When [Russell] was filming Get Him to the Greek, I did a cameo with him. My scene called for me to make out with him. And on the way down the stairs after the scene, I was hopping like a bunny. I hop like a bunny when I'm happy - I get a bit childlike, 
— Katy Perry / January 06, 2010
 I have always been this character, but I kind of cartoon-ized myself a little bit [in my stage persona]. So when someone really likes me, it's like here comes a person! I wonder if you can handle this. 
— Katy Perry about the challenge of getting close to people / January 06, 2010
 I have a soft spot for women - I'm not afraid of it, Some women walk into the room, and they're so beautiful and you're like, 'I wanna smell you,' you know? I have certain girlfriends who I just think are the most angelic, beautiful creatures. And if any of my boyfriends ever fail me, I'll turn to them! 
— Katy Perry on women / January 06, 2010
 He built this for me.., 
— Katy Perry on her twitter page posting a picture of herself and beau Russell Brand at the Taj Mahal / December 30, 2009
 My new songs are a little bit more mature. I know how to handle boys now. Actually, I don't even mess with boys anymore, I mess with men. 
— Katy Perry saying her new songs are more mature / November 18, 2009