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Katrina Kaif Quotes

Bollywood film actress and model


Katrina Kaif is a British Indian actress and model who has appeared in Bollywood, Telugu and Malayalam films. Today, with 17 films to her credit, she is the country's sexiest woman, according to the lads' magazines FHM and Maxim; and the sub-continent's most bankable female lead, according to the past year's box-office receipts. Mattel, the toymaker, said that a forthcoming Barbie doll would be modelled on her.

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 Well, sounds like an interesting story. However, any talk centred on the production of this film or any other movie for that matter is plain speculation 
— Katrina Kaif on rumours that she is producing a french film "A la folie...pas du tout" / November 24, 2009
 Really, I don't see things like that. I take each movie at it's own pace and don't quite start looking at the work I have done in the past and go gaga about it. It's like a new journey every time and hence has never got that feeling that 'Oh, since I now have so many successful films under my name, let me take it easy'. Yes, the way success helps you is reinstate the faith and belief that you have in yourself and push yourself to work harder. This is something that I am following 
— Katrina Kaif on her career in acting / November 20, 2009
 Actually even at the beginning of my career, I never felt rejected. I was still working hard and believed in myself. I wasn't in a hurry and was picking and choosing projects carefully even then when I was just a newcomer. My attitude towards films hasn't changed even after these years 
— Katrina Kaif saying she never felt rejected / November 20, 2009
 Yes, it has been a long journey. It has been quite eventful too. The more you see, the more you learn, become confident and gain even more experience. The beauty of the profession that I am in is that it is a never ending process. You can also strive for better films and aim for playing better characters. You can never get stagnated in this industry. 
— Katrina Kaif on her journey in the film industry / November 20, 2009
 I am in a panic situation. But, If I succumb to such pressures, I know the audience will not respect me 
— Katrina Kaif saying she will never do films for money / June 18, 2009

 I went through a learning phase and I consider myself lucky to have learnt discipline from my co-stars Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Salman. They have helped me to strengthen my fundamentals 
— Katrina Kaif on learning from co-stars / June 18, 2009
 But if you stagnate, the growth is over. I have done many comedy films. Success of films like Partner, Singh is Kinng gets you to a very wide audience reach. But for greater gains, you need to take greater gambles. If it works, you get respect and recognition 
— Katrina Kaif / June 18, 2009
 When I first asked director Kabir Khan about my character, he told me that Maya is like every girl... she is you without make up and costumes. I realised that he was telling me to be myself in the film 
— Katrina Kaif on her character in the movie New York / June 18, 2009
 When I saw the film last week, I saw me. I can't be myself in every movie of mine. But when that happens, the film has to be special. I was taken aback at Kabir's grasp of the subject and story telling style 
— Katrina Kaif on her character in the movie New York / June 18, 2009
 The film has all Indian emotions, but its narrative is very English movie style. New York may not be a typical masala entertainer, but has all the right ingredients to connect with the audiences 
— Katrina Kaif on the film New York / June 18, 2009