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American actress, stand-up comedian, media personality, and LGBT rights advocate


Kathleen Mary "Kathy" Griffin is an American actress, stand-up comedian, media personality, and LGBT rights advocate. A self-proclaimed "D-list celebrity", Griffin first gained recognition for appearances on two episodes of Seinfeld, and then for her supporting role on the NBC sitcom Suddenly Susan. She is now the star of the Bravo reality show Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, for which she won two Emmy Awards as executive producer. She has also worked as a voice artist and red carpet commentator, in addition to several other career pursuits. In 2008 and 2009 she was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album.

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 That's the problem. I can't seem to filter myself ever. I used to say when I first started, the unspoken rule was 'no cancer, no AIDS.' But then I started going to hospices and I found that when people are in those kinds of dire situations, they want to hear the joke that is too far, 
— Kathy Griffin can't seem to filter herself when peforming / February 10, 2012
 Tonight we're all New Yorkers! Straight & gay alike, let's all celebrate marriage #equality. The right side of history! 
— Kathy Griffin about the same-sex marriage bill in New York / June 25, 2011
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 I would actually prefer a guy named Tony, but I'll take the statue, 
— Kathy Griffin / March 11, 2011
 I want women to know that this is what lipo looks like. Like, are you sure you don't want to just work out a little more. What I can't figure out is why I wasted time worrying about my looks. I am a comedian. I'm not on the runway in Milan. 
— Kathy Griffin on liposuction / March 08, 2010
 Believe it or not, people don't come to see me really thinking I'm going to look like Jenifer Aniston. 
— Kathy Griffin on liposuction / March 08, 2010

 I was told repeatedly, ‘You would be pretty if it weren't for that nose, You'd work more if it weren't for that nose. Hey have you considered getting a nose job?' You would think I had a nose the size of Texas. I was young and impressionable and I was told that enough that I started to believe it, so I got a nose job. 
— Kathy Griffin on how she got a nose job when she was 26 / March 08, 2010
 I am very proud of my two weeks on speed. It was full-on illegal speed. I took it to lose weight, which is not very smart. I just felt three times as hungry afterward. 
— Kathy Griffin on how she got obsessed with her weight / March 08, 2010