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Oscar Winning English actress


Kate Elizabeth Winslet is an Academy winning English actress. She is the youngest person to accrue six Academy Award nominations, and won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the 2008 movie The Reader. Winslet has been acclaimed for both dramatic and comedic work in projects ranging from period to contemporary films, and from major Hollywood productions to less publicised indie films. She has won awards from the Screen Actors Guild, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association among others, and has been nominated for an Emmy Award for television acting.

Kate Winslet Info

Birth nameKate Elizabeth Winslet
Date of BirthOctober 5, 1975
Place of BirthReading, Berkshire, England, UK
Spouse (s)Jim Threapleton (m. 1998–2001), Sam Mendes (m. 2003–present)
Years active1991 – present
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 We had more to shoot and we had to work a lot faster, but the determination and the level of focus that we all had to have, because we were limited, was so much more intense than certainly any film I’ve been a part of. Film, schmilm. I’m telling you, television is so much harder. 
— Kate Winslet saying movie stars are lazy compared to TV stars / February 04, 2011
 I don’t want to judge, but it’s not for me. I would never adjust any part of my face; I just absolutely wouldn’t do it. But I also feel all that stuff is a bit scary: does anyone know the long-term effects of Botox or these filler things? 
— Kate Winslet has no intention of getting a plastic surgery / May 11, 2010
 It’s all so upsetting. That’s why I find myself talking about Susan Sarandon and Meryl Streep, these beautiful women who are ageing gracefully. And Judi Dench and Helen Mirren — look at those women! And, guess what everybody? They’re working! And why? Because their faces still move. I just can’t imagine ever paralyzing any part of my face. 
— Kate Winslet has no intention of getting a plastic surgery / May 11, 2010
 I think plastic surgery is terrifying. Out of control. It makes me really sad, especially when you see younger women altering their faces. I don’t bring glossy magazines into the home. In our house, it’s Nat Geo, Nat Geo Kids and Sainsbury’s Magazine. 
— Kate Winslet feels sad when she sees women who have had plastic surgery / April 08, 2010
 I don’t feel guilty about working now. When Mia was younger I did, but that was largely to do with the press. You know, ‘She’s off and the child gets left behind’. You just want to kill yourself when you read those things. 
— Kate Winslet doesn't regret putting career before kids / April 06, 2010

 Mia and Joe are not on-set movie kids. I don’t ever have them hang out in the trailer, because I don’t like the notion that they are sort of beholden to my schedule, not knowing when they’re going to see me. I’d rather, you know, give them a big kiss in the morning before I go off to work. 
— Kate Winslet doesn't regret putting career before kids / April 06, 2010
 They met on the set of Sense and Sensibility. He was told you're going to meet your future partner... so he courted Kate for weeks, took her to Glastonbury. She didn't take to it because she's a mod and he's a hippy — it didn't work out so it turned out to be me! 
— Kate Winslet saying her husband split with Kate Winslet because of different music interests / March 26, 2010
 When I was a kid, one of our hamsters suddenly gave birth - we didn't even know she was pregnant. We phoned the pet shop and they said, 'Take the babies away - hamsters get very frightened after they've given birth and you don't want her to eat the babies.' We didn't listen and that's exactly what happened. This obviously affected me badly as I had a recurring dream about hamsters gobbling up their babies until I was about 15. 
— Kate Winslet was traumatized when her pet hamster ate its babies / February 26, 2010