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English Model


Katherine "Kate" Ann Moss is an English model. She has appeared on over 300 magazine covers. She is known for her waifish figure, uncommonly short height for a fashion model, and appearances in many advertising campaigns. She is also notorious for her high-profile relationships and party lifestyle. In 2007, she came 2nd on the Forbes top 15 richest supermodels list, estimated to have earned $9 million in one year.

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 I’ve got good friends, they give me a bit of a slap. They say ‘Stop being a diva!’ And then Slap. 
— Kate Moss saying her friends slap her when she acts like a diva / September 23, 2010
 I was shocked to hear that one child dies from malaria every 30 seconds. The dress incorporates recycled malaria nets and is absolutely gorgeous, I loved wearing it and it's a great way to raise awareness. 
— Kate Moss backs Malaria campaign / March 16, 2010
 I don't like being famous. It encroaches on your life. A lot. In fact, I've no idea why people are so interested in me. It makes me a bit uncomfortable talking about it actually. 
— Kate Moss doesn't like being famous / March 12, 2010
 I'm not myself any more. I move differently. I act out the desires of the stylist and the photographer. It's not a trance-like state, it's more of a feeling. 
— Kate Moss doesn't like being famous / March 12, 2010
 I still can't quite believe it, even now. I still think I'm blagging it a bit, but nobody's cottoned on yet! 
— Kate Moss still can't believe her success / February 17, 2010

 I was only 14, so I hadn't got around to thinking about it. I had this lovely geography teacher, and I asked her whether she thought I should give modelling a try, and she said: ‘Kate, just give it a go. If it doesn't work out, you can always go to college.' 
— Kate Moss always dreamed of modeling / February 17, 2010
 I would never have thought about being a model, ever... I remember meeting this girl in Florida, maybe the year before I started, and she was the daughter of a friend of my dad. She was, like: 'I wanna be a model.' I thought it was so vain, really embarrassing. 
— Kate Moss never thought of becoming a model / January 05, 2010
 She's already got a great handbag collection! She's got a mirrored Fendi bag and she'll say things like: 'I'm not going to wear that any more.' She knows what she wants and she loves clothes. She's got really good style, as well. She knows what she likes and I can't force her to wear anything she doesn't, which is annoying sometimes. But I rarely go shopping without her now. She tells me what she doesn't like or she'll say: 'Mummy, you look nice.' Or [she'll say]: 'That dress is amazing!' She's got it. 
— Kate Moss on her 7-year old daughter / December 21, 2009