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American actress


Catherine Ann "Kate" Bosworth starred in the television series Young Americans, in which she played Bella Banks. She became well known with a leading role in 2002's Blue Crush. The following year, Bosworth played the teenage girlfriend of porn star John Holmes in Wonderland opposite Val Kilmer. In 2004, she portrayed Sandra Dee in Kevin Spacey's Beyond the Sea. Bosworth since appeared in several notable films, including Superman Returns (2006), where she played Lois Lane, and 2008's blackjack drama film 21. In 2008, she became both Calvin Klein Jeans newest model and spokeswoman for Coach newest luxury bags.

Kate Bosworth Info

Birth nameCatherine Ann Bosworth
Date of BirthJanuary 2, 1983
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
Years active1998–present
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 Well it was certainly different! She’s kind of Calamity Jane, loose cannon kind of kooky character. And there was a lot of butt-kicking as well so that was fun. 
— Kate Bosworth on her role of circus knife thrower called Lynne in her new movie The Warrior's Way / December 04, 2010
 Training for the film was difficult, exhausting, brutal… but pretty fulfilling. I think we all ended up wearing our bruises and scratches with pride. There was a lot of martial arts training and I wish I’d had a little bit more time to spend on the moves, but we didn’t really have it so we were trying to do as much as possible. You have to have the focus of an athlete really when you’re training for things like that and I think we all did. It definitely got me a little bit more toned. 
— Kate Bosworth did a lot of martial training while filming for The Warrior's Way / December 04, 2010
 I horseback ride, so that’s sort of my exercise. I’m not very good at going to the gym, it’s a little too stuffy, but I love getting outside and getting some fresh air. 
— Kate Bosworth did a lot of martial training while filming for The Warrior's Way / December 04, 2010
 Some people talk about their personal lives a lot. I try not to, unless it's more of a generality. I don't want to broadcast my personal life because I feel it's off-putting 
— Kate Bosworth on publicity of private life
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 I'd hate to say it, but I'm a blueblood. That's just the way I've been raised. 
— Kate Bosworth

 I watched a lot of Hepburn to prepare for Lois, particularly The Philadelphia Story and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Hepburn is a great model for how I see Lois - strong but fragile. 
— Kate Bosworth Talking about modeling her Lois Lane performance on Katharine Hepburn
 I'm in love with what I do but it's not the only thing that fulfills me. 
— Kate Bosworth
 I'm ready for this. I'm just glad my 'breakout' wasn't a gigantic film. I feel solid in myself now. 
— Kate Bosworth On the changes that will follow her life and career after being cast as Lois Lane in Superman Returns
 There are girls, people in the industry who just kind of flip through magazines and pick out guys, like, 'I'm gonna date him.' I could never do that. I don't think being set up works. I'm big into fate. 
— Kate Bosworth