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Karina Smirnoff Quotes

Ukrainian American professional ballroom dancer


Karina Smirnoff Info

Birth nameKarina Smirnova
Date of BirthJanuary 2, 1978
Place of BirthKharkiv, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
Other Names / Nick NamesKaryna Kylkova, Karyna Smirnoff, Karyna Smirnova
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 He hasn’t hit on me! And I’m taking it as an insult. Like, what am I? A grenade? 
— Karina Smirnoff is disappointed that her Dancing With the Stars partner,Michael Sorrentino hasn’t tried to chat her up! / September 27, 2010
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 We’re like brother and sister. We laugh, we definitely have some flirtatious kind of mystery. 
— Karina Smirnoff said of her relationship with Sorrentino / September 27, 2010
 I was a little concerned about that coming into this season and that was one of the main reasons why I wanted last season off. It’s cool… It’s my job; I love what I do; I love dancing; I love choreographing and I get paid for it so it’s pretty much you know perfect scenario, perfect situation. I wish him all the best. 
— Karina Smirnoff revealing that she approached Season 11 of DWTS with some trepidation as her former fiance Chmerkovskiy is still a castmember / September 27, 2010