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K Yerran Naidu Quotes

Telugu Desam Party politburo member


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 Purandareswari has joined the Congress and is enjoying power at the Centre. It is not right on her part to obstruct the process 
— K Yerran Naidu urging the Lok Sabha Speaker not to entertain Purandareswari's request to install the statue of NT Rama Rao sponsored by her / November 26, 2009
 The commission's report will serve no purpose now. And discussion on the report in Parliament is nothing but a waste of time. 
— K Yerran Naidu urging the Centre to discuss issues like price rise, sugarcane etc. instead of discussing on the Liberhan Commission report / November 25, 2009
 Section 126 of Representation of People's Act 1951 stipulates that any propaganda of election matter should not be displayed by means of electronic media to the public during the prohibitory period an if any person contravenes the provisions, he is liable for punishment with imprisonment. The action of the chief minister contravenes the provisions of the section. 
— K Yerran Naidu urging State Election commission to take action Rosaiah for conducting a press conference, violating the code of conduct / November 23, 2009