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Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh


K Rosaiah
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 It is only the Congress that always cared for the welfare and development of SCs and STs and we shall remain committed to them, 
— K Rosaiah / March 04, 2010
 Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has done a commendable job. He struck a fine balance between growth and inflation under the most trying circumstances. 
— K Rosaiah on the 2010 Indian Union Budget / February 26, 2010
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 Efforts of our MPs have paid off. The State has got more than it has asked for. Now, no one can say Centre has meted out step-motherly treatment to Andhra Pradesh. 
— K Rosaiah expressing satisfaction on the 2010 Indian Railway Budget / February 24, 2010
 I will react at an appropriate time only after going through the terms of reference of the Srikrishna Committee 
— K Rosaiah on the terms of reference of the Srikrishna Committee / February 12, 2010
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 There are several rallies taking place and police are trying very hard to control university students. We must remain peaceful. All parties need to take collective responsibilities, 
— K Rosaiah said in the assembly / December 11, 2009
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 I have not received any written orders to move a resolution in the assembly. It is a process and it can't be done in one day, 
— K Rosaiah reiterating that a resolution for a separate Telangana state can be moved only after consensus / December 11, 2009