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CPI Secretary


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 It is unjustified... to run canteens and offer safe and cheap drinking water through private partnership. Besides, the Railway Minister hasn't offered any escalators at railway stations 
— K Narayana about the 2010 Indian Railway Budget / February 24, 2010
 The Centre's announcement is not satisfactory as it will only delay bifurcation of the State. Telangana issue can be resolved only with political initiatives. 
— K Narayana reacting to the terms of reference of the Srikrishna Committee / February 12, 2010
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 It is time the TDP and the CPM did some introspection on what they had done and how their actions had become counter-productive 
— K Narayana / August 07, 2009
 One suicide would not stop passage of the bill in Parliament. 
— K Narayana reacting to Sharad Yadav's suicide threat / June 06, 2009
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 All of us are responsible for the defeat 
— K Narayana referring to Grand Alliance / May 16, 2009
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