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Female Tennis Player


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 I can definitely say it: I'll be back next year. 
— Justine Henin after losing to Serena Williams in the final of Australian Open 2010 / January 30, 2010
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 We've never played in a Grand Slam final in the past. It's my first Grand Slam since I'm back, and we're already there. So it's more than a dream, I mean, I'm so happy to play against her because if I want to win another Grand Slam, I'll have to beat the best player in the world. And there's just the biggest challenge I could get. 
— Justine Henin on playing Serena Williams in the final of 2010 Australian Open / January 29, 2010
 I believe I can be a better player, I believe I can use my experience more than in the past. 
— Justine Henin / January 01, 2010
 It is another Justine Henin who will try and go out there and achieve her dream of finally winning Wimbledon. I don't know if it's possible but that just makes it an even more passionate challenge for me. 
— Justine Henin on coming out of retirement / December 07, 2009
 The game of tennis gave me many things, but it's the best school of life I could dream of. 
— Justine Henin coming out of retirement / November 2009

 A flame I thought was extinguished forever suddenly lit up again. 
— Justine Henin on announcing her return to the WTA Tour / October 2009

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