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Joss Stone Quotes

English soul and R&B singer-songwriter and actress


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 There's nothing worse than bad breath. I've snogged people with bad breath who smelt of fags and beer and it made me feel sick. 
— Joss Stone hates bad breath / March 11, 2010
 I once went a week without washing my hair and I did it deliberately because I wanted the natural oils to mend my hair. It didn't smell, surprisingly, and no one commented on it. They probably thought, ‘Oh it's just Joss.' 
— Joss Stone / March 11, 2010
 We love for a man to be protective over us, we love for a man to want and have a little tiny bit of jealousy. So you go for those guys, but when you want to be the free spirit that you are and just disappear or go on a road trip for two days or to go on tour or whatever that is, then you run into problems because you've chosen a man that's a little bit protective and possessive and jealous. 
— Joss Stone / March 11, 2010