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American actor and former fashion model


Joshua David "Josh" Duhamel is an American actor and former fashion model. He first achieved acting success in 1999 as Leo du Pres on ABC's All My Children and later as the chief of security, Danny McCoy, on NBC's Las Vegas. He is also well known for his role as one of the protagonists, Captain William Lennox, in the box office hit Transformers as well as its sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and he is the official pace car driver for the 2009 Indianapolis 500 driving the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Pace Car.

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Date of BirthNovember 14, 1972
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 As a kid, my mother encouraged us to get involved. But when you're a kid you don't really want to do stuff like that. You want to do fun stuff... But I always remembered it being fulfilling. 
— Josh Duhamel on how his mother encourage him to volunteer / May 10, 2014
 I want my son to understand that he is very fortunate and it's important to appreciate that and give back, 
— Josh Duhamel wants his son to understand how fortunate he is / May 10, 2014
 I feel a little bit silly sitting here in Moscow promoting a movie, when I feel like I want to be home, 
— Josh Duhamel about floods in his home town of North Dakota / June 24, 2011
 We’re hoping to start a family soon, so you also have to think about who’s going to have your wife’s back, and who’s going to be good with the kids. These sorts of things come into play. I think as you get older, you start to appreciate what real friendship is and how rare it can be. 
— Josh Duhamel is planning to start a family / October 08, 2010
 I’ve got some great friends who I’ve known forever — some from kindergarten, some from school and a couple from college. And one thing that’s been important for me to make sure in the transition from young, immature man into adulthood is that my friends have my back. Maybe it’s because of who I’m with, or what I do but I’m careful about hanging out with people who have my — and our — best interests at heart, people who really care about me and my wife and are not using me to help them in any way. I have some people like that in my life and they have never been more important to me than right now. 
— Josh Duhamel has good friends / October 08, 2010

 She does a lot of things that make me feel loved. She’s an incredible girl. I don’t really want to get into specifics, but Fergs is very present. 
— Josh Duhamel saying he can depend on her wife when he needs her / October 05, 2010
 There really isn’t a perfect ending. Relationships, if you want them to work, take work. The biggest thing that I learned growing up, and even now, is if it’s right, it’s worth it. It’s just a matter of finding that person you want to be with. 
— Josh Duhamel saying his marriage is not perfect / October 05, 2010
 It’s just being sincere with the other person and not being selfish. When people say ‘work at it,’ they don’t necessarily mean you’re shoveling rock. It just means that you can’t be as selfish as you were when you were growing up. 
— Josh Duhamel about marriage / October 05, 2010
 It was really important to me to have somebody who wanted success for me, who wanted the best for me, who pushed me and inspired me to be better. Not somebody who, for whatever reason, whether resentment or jealousy or whatever, will hold you back. I went through that once before, 
— Josh Duhamel / August 19, 2010
 I knew early on that Fergie was right for me. She’s got an incredible strength and optimism. I knew that I was going to be a better man with her. 
— Josh Duhamel saying Fergie made him a better man / August 19, 2010