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American actor


Jonathan Daniel Hamm works primarily in television. For much of the mid 1990s, Hamm lived in Los Angeles as a struggling actor appearing in small parts in multiple television series, including Providence, The Division, What About Brian and Related. In 2000 he made his feature film debut in Clint Eastwood's space adventure, Space Cowboys. The following year, Hamm appeared in the independent comedy, Kissing Jessica Stein (2001) in a supporting role.

Jon Hamm Info

Birth nameJonathan Daniel Hamm
Date of BirthMarch 10, 1971
Place of BirthSt. Louis, Missouri, United States
Years active2000–present
PartnerJennifer Westfeldt (1997–present)
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 I would be my animated Simpsons character because he had a normal job. 
— Jon Hamm on which character he would trade lives with for a day / April 20, 2012
 I don’t think anybody really enjoys any of that stuff. I think for most people it’s a means to an end. 
— Jon Hamm hates walking the red carpet / February 19, 2011
 It’s nice when you get the opportunity to especially be recognized for something you’re proud of or a chance to let people know about something that you’re working on and stuff like that, but it is crazy. 
— Jon Hamm hates walking the red carpet / February 19, 2011
 L.A. represents opportunity. And, as has been proven over and over in the current media landscape, it doesn’t take much for them to put you on TV. If that’s all you want, you can be on The Bachelor or The Real Housewives or whatever show just wants oversized personalities, ridiculous behavior, and zero dignity. 
— Jon Hamm / September 16, 2010
 If you just want to be famous. . . that’s not that much different than porn. ‘I’m a movie star!’ Well, no, you’re not. You’re a porn star, and that’s completely different. And you know, hey, mazel tov — porn probably built half the houses out here, but you’re selling your dignity in a way that I feel I’m not. And once you sell it, it’s gone. You ain’t getting it back. 
— Jon Hamm / September 16, 2010

 You get to sit at the big table with the big boys and hang out. Sean Penn and Meryl Streep are having a conversation, and you’re standing next to them, and they stop and turn to you and say, ‘Oh God, we love your show.’ Yeah, that wasn’t happening with my work in [the 2006 ABC series] What About Brian. 
— Jon Hamm is enjoying his ascent to the Hollywood's A-List / September 16, 2010
 You can change your brain chemistry enough to think: 'I want to get up in the morning; I don't want to sleep until four in the afternoon, 
— Jon Hamm about his depression and medication / September 2010