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American actor, dancer and singer


John Joseph Travolta first became known in the 1970s, after appearing on the television series Welcome Back, Kotter and starring in the box office successes Saturday Night Fever and Grease. Travolta's career re-surged in the 1990s, with his role in Pulp Fiction, and he has since continued starring in Hollywood films, including Face/Off, Ladder 49 and Wild Hogs. Travolta has twice been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor. The first, for his role in Saturday Night Fever and the second for Pulp Fiction. He won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for his performance in Get Shorty.

John Travolta Info

Birth nameJohn Joseph Travolta
Date of BirthFebruary 18, 1954
Place of BirthEnglewood, New Jersey, United States
OccupationsActor, singer, dancer, producer, writer
Spouse (s)Kelly Preston (1991–present)
Years active1969–present
Other Names / Nick NamesJohnny Travolta
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 I can’t wait to meet Benjamin, 
— John Travolta can't wait to see his yet to born son / November 12, 2010
 When I left, she was having what they call Braxton Hicks, the fake labor, and we were both a little worried. But then the doctor said to drink more water, more liquids and that stops that. I think she just had a little talk with Ben and said, ‘Look, let’s wait till Dad comes home and deliver then.’ But I’m ready to go at any minute, if she started having labor now we would leave and take 22 hours to get home, but I’ll get there. 
— John Travolta who is in Australia currently, is worried for being away from his pregnant wife Kelly Preston / November 12, 2010
 It’s impossible to keep a secret … especially one as wonderful as this. We want to be the first to share this great news with everyone that we are expecting a new addition to our family. Love, John, Kelly and Ella 
— John Travolta in a statement announcing that he and his wife Kelly Preston are having another child / May 19, 2010
 We are working hard on healing, still, It's going to be a lifelong project. Everybody has been so enormously supportive and I really appreciate it. 
— John Travolta will grieve for his late son for the rest of his life / March 09, 2010
 We work hard every day with our church on healing. And Kelly and I and Ella have all been working very hard and they've been helping us. 
— John Travolta has received a lot of support from the Church of Scientology / March 09, 2010

 I definitely feel that being an athlete and being a dancer really helps me with my stunts - even now... It's because stunts are choreographed and you have timing. The more you are used to that kind of thing and moving your body in various ways, the more it helps. If it wasn't for that background I doubt I would be bouncing around as much as I do. 
— John Travolta saying he is not too old to do his own stunts / February 24, 2010
 Oh man you can't beat it. Us guys who worry about our hair all our lives then we go and put it in line and 99 per cent of the people approved of me being bald. I thought hooray! It's a good thing because when I start to lose my hair I'll be ready to accept it. 
— John Travolta saying that men can't beat baldness / February 17, 2010
 We work hard every day with our church on healing, And Kelly and I and [daughter] Ella have all been working very hard and they've been helping us. 
— John Travolta saying Scientology helped him overcome grief / January 29, 2010
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 Once you get yourself stable, then you're able to reach out again, you know, and I think this whole year every day we've been working on stabilizing ourselves and it's been successful so far, 
— John Travolta saying Scientology helped him overcome grief / January 29, 2010
 It's meant the world to us... We know that we have a community. We know that we have friends. And we know that we are loved. We appreciate it. Jett appreciates it. We love you, Ocala. 
— John Travolta thanking his florida neighbours for their support after the death of son Jett / November 21, 2009