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BBC Sport commentator


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 Call me old-fashioned, but when is it a convenience, and not a privilege, to play for your country? 
— John Lloyd on Andy Murray opting to skip playing matches for Britain against Lithunia / March 25, 2010
 He's completed the set and in my opinion he's got to be the greatest player of all time 
— John Lloyd calling Roger Federer, the greatest tennis player of all time / June 07, 2009
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 He's now won on all four surfaces and I think he's going to win more. 
— John Lloyd saying Roger Federer will win many more titles / June 07, 2009
 He just wanted to win this title, he doesn't care who he plays in the final, In an ideal world if he played Nadal in the final and won it, great, but he just wants to win the title. He's done that now, we can put it to rest. 
— John Lloyd on Roger Federer winning the 2009 French Open grand slam title / June 07, 2009
 He'll now feel so relieved that he could win three, four, five more before he's finished. 
— John Lloyd on Roger Federer winning the 2009 French Open title / June 07, 2009

 The way Federer took him apart in that first set was just magnificent, He came out and played like it was the first round and not the final where he was about to make history by winning all four Grand Slams. It was quite remarkable. I thought he might get a little bit more nervous but the first set was the best he played in the whole tournament. 
— John Lloyd on Roger Federer's performance in the final match of 2009 French Open / June 07, 2009
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