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Massachusetts Senator and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee


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 By ratifying this treaty, we will limit Russia’s nuclear arsenal. We will regain the ability to inspect their nuclear forces. And we will redouble international support for our nonproliferation efforts. At a moment when the world has imposed sanctions on Iran for its nuclear ambitions, this treaty validates American leadership and moves the world an important step closer to reducing the threat from nuclear weapons. 
— John Kerry after the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 14 to 4 to Arms Treaty With Russia / September 16, 2010
 I'm grateful that this ends a public episode we all wish had been avoided entirely or handled privately... While she regrets driving with an expired registration, and takes full responsibility for it, that mistake should never have been compounded by erroneous reports suggesting she was driving drunk. 
— John Kerry on reports that her daughter was arrested under DUI / November 23, 2009
 It would be entirely irresponsible for the President of the United States to commit more troops to this country when we don't even have an election finished. 
— John Kerry on whether the U.S. should send more troops to Afghanistan / October 19, 2009

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