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Vocalist, Record Producer, Actor and DJ


Joel Rueben Madden is an American singer. He is the lead vocalist for the pop punk band Good Charlotte. Joel Madden has an identical twin brother Benji Madden. He dated Hilary Duff in 2004 and broke up with her in November 2006. Joel Madden is currently engaged to Nicole Richie and has two children (a daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden and son Sparrow James Midnight Madden) with her. Joel Madden currently resides in Glendale, California. He also runs a clothing company DCMA Collective.

Joel Madden Info

Birth nameJoel Rueben Combs
Date of BirthMarch 11, 1979
OccupationsMusician, vocalist, songwriter, guitarist
GenresAlternative rock, pop punk
InstrumentsVocals, guitar
Years active1996—present
LabelsEpic Records
OriginWaldorf, Maryland, U.S.
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 We will always remember 9/11 and those who have given their lives for us to be free. God Bless America 
— Joel Madden on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 attacks / September 11, 2011
 I loved her on the last one — I went by and saw her when she was filming that and it looked really cool. She gets to do all these fight scenes and shoot guns, and she really likes it. I don’t worry about her safety — she’s got a little crazy streak in her. She’ll be fine… It’s sexy. 
— Joel Madden liked watching Nicole Richie fight / August 26, 2010
 I’m the best I’ve ever been. I have two kids that are my life — they’re my entire world. I have an awesome partner who is really supportive; She makes me the best version of myself that I’ve ever been. 
— Joel Madden saying Nicole Richie brings the best out of him / April 07, 2010
 I think you can decide to be the best dad and partner you can be, or you can run from it. It’s a heavy thing when your life changes. But my kids make me feel good about myself. I’m not really worried about succeeding or failing. 
— Joel Madden / April 07, 2010
 She says yea or nay when I record a demo. She gives me the honest reaction. 
— Joel Madden on his kid Harlow / April 07, 2010

 It's the same thing as our engagement, we're kind of doing it at our own pace. We have no idea right now. 
— Joel Madden on his wedding / March 08, 2010
 According to her we'll have a really big wedding. According to me, it will be really small. 
— Joel Madden on the wedding plans / March 08, 2010
 So I stepped off the plane after a month out of the country, and basically went straight to the hospital for the week... But don't worry all is well and we are home with no problems. 
— Joel Madden on her girl friend Nicole Richie getting better / November 20, 2009
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