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American Internet entrepreneur and co-founder and promoter of Wikipedia


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Date of BirthAugust 7, 1966
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 When I started Wikipedia, Creative Commons did not exist... The CC-BY-SA license is a more generic license that meets the needs of Wikipedia today,... 
— Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia Licensing / May 20, 2009
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 While I personally believe in the opportunity for free software to make serious inroads into the search space, our project, Wikia Search, has not been enjoying the kind of success that we had hoped 
— Jimmy Wales saying Wiki Search didn't click as he hoped, on his personal blog / April 01, 2009
 We will be closing the doors on the Wikia Search project 
— Jimmy Wales saying Wiki Search Project will be closed for now / March 31, 2009
 We want to stop... what we call drive-by vandalism 
— Jimmy Wales / March 30, 2009
 The Wikia Entertainment Network is the perfect example of a wiki community at its best. The impressive growth of the network is a direct result of the organic, grass roots efforts of the community. 
— Jimmy Wales / March 16, 2009

 Well, I'm not a hippie... I'm a centre-right, free-market capitalist. And, actually, I think the opposite to you. There is a core community who are extremely powerful but that is a good thing. 
— Jimmy Wales / February 09, 2009
 Our version should show very minimal delays (less than 1 week, hopefully a lot less) because we will only be using it on a subset of articles, the boundaries of which can be adjusted over time to manage the backlog. 
— Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia versioning / January 24, 2009
 This combined revenue will cover our operating expenses for the current fiscal year, ending June 30, 2009 
— Jimmy Wales adressing Wikipedia readers / January 03, 2009
 You have proven that Wikipedia matters to you, and that you support our mission: to bring free knowledge to the planet, free of charge and free of advertising. 
— Jimmy Wales thanking Wikipedia donors / January 02, 2009