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Jessica Biel Quotes

Actress, film producer and a former model who has appeared in several Hollywood movies


Jessica Claire Biel is an American actress and former model, who has appeared in several Hollywood films, including Summer Catch, the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Illusionist, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and Valentine's Day. She is also known for her television role as Mary Camden in the long-running family-drama series 7th Heaven.

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 I don't feel the need to settle down right now. And if I do meet somebody, I don't feel the need for the paperwork of marriage. For me, a verbal agreement is enough. I don't know if I want to get married. 
— Jessica Biel saying marriage is just paperwork
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 It's never nearly as sexy doing it as it appears in a magazine. You're sort of laughing through the photo shoot because it's funny to take yourself so seriously. I could never be a model because you're always standing in an awkward position and your back hurts, and you're wearing heels lying on a rock or in the sand or something. You're like, 'This is weird. I'm uncomfortable. I'm itching. I need to scratch.' 
— Jessica Biel on modeling
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 I can't even go to the dry cleaner by myself anymore. You're seen in public with anybody that you might not even know, and you're speculated about. 
— Jessica Biel
 There's a vulnerability to being photographed without having your eyes defined or your eyebrows filled in, but I don't wear a lot of makeup in my personal life...I find that men in my past, have preferred me without it. They always said, 'No, take that off.' 
— Jessica Biel
 I'm on this nutritional plan--no salt, no sugar, no bread. Just some fruits, every vegetable you can think of, lean meat, and water. They say they want me to have a six-pack stomach, but I think they really want me to have a twelve-pack. 
— Jessica Biel on her nutritional plan

 My definition of sexy is not just using what you got from God, but also that you represent what you believe in. I don't want people to think I'm sexy for what I look like, I want them to find me sexy for who I am and what I do. 
— Jessica Biel on being sexy
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 People are often afraid of me, but I'm not scary at all, I'm actually pretty sweet. 
— Jessica Biel
 The best part of acting, is that you can crawl in somebody else's body, every time. 
— Jessica Biel on acting
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 I seldom go to clubs and I always make sure that I can look in the mirror the next morning, and be proud of who I see. You will never find me drunk behind the wheel, and when there are drugs on a party, I'm out. 
— Jessica Biel on partying and clubs
 Is there anything better you can do as an actress, than to use your fame for charities? I don't have the illusion that I can change the world on my own, but every little helps. 
— Jessica Biel