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Former Tennis Player


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 My advice to Laura Robson when she plays in the women's tournament at Wimbledon for the first time is to go out there and enjoy every minute as, when it comes down to it, a court at Wimbledon is just another court, so don't let the whole experience overtake you so you can't perform. I know that's easy for a veteran to say, but that's what she has to try to do 
— Jennifer Capriati advising Laura Robson / June 19, 2009
 I remember when I played at Wimbledon for the first time, as it was the moment of all moments for me. I couldn't believe I was actually there at Wimbledon participating when I had watched on TV for so many years. It was a dream come true for me. It absolutely wasn't a daunting experience for me being so young. I savoured the moment. I was nervous, but I was more excited and happy than anything else. Robson must go out there and enjoy it. 
— Jennifer Capriati / June 19, 2009