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Jennifer Aniston Quotes

American Actress known for her role in the TV series 'Friends'


Jennifer Joanna Aniston is an American actress. She established her acting career in the 1990s with her role as Rachel Green in the U.S. sitcom Friends, a role for which she won an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. She has starred in Hollywood films. While most of her film roles have been in comedies such as Bruce Almighty, Office Space, Rumor Has It, and the romantic comedies Along Came Polly and The Break-Up, she has also appeared in films from other genres such as the horror-comedy Leprechaun, the crime thriller Derailed and the musical drama Rock Star.

Jennifer Aniston Info

Birth nameJennifer Joanna Aniston
Date of BirthFebruary 11, 1969
Place of BirthSherman Oaks, California, U.S.
OccupationsActress, producer, director
Spouse (s)Brad Pitt (m. 2000–2005)
Years active1989–present
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 You have a more relaxed sense of the world and life, and you realize there's nothing to be taken too seriously besides doing your work and being a really good person. 
— Jennifer Aniston calls LA home / March 03, 2012
 We tried New York... it felt like I was in a fishbowl. Justin still has an apartment there … It was a little rough with the paparazzi. It didn't feel like the New York I grew up in and knew, 
— Jennifer Aniston saying she and boyfriend Justin Theroux tried living in New York / March 03, 2012
 Absolutely. I get very nostalgic and I sort of sick back with pride and ... it makes me happy. I've forgotten complete episodes that we shot, so there's times I watch it just as if I'm watching for the first time. 
— Jennifer Aniston when asked if she still watches 'Friends' sitcom / February 28, 2012
 I met Justin about five years ago, and I thought he was very sweet and he was always very nice. But I remember thinking he was very dark. At first you think he could be like a serial killer, but he is actually the nicest person in the world. 
— Jennifer Aniston joking that she thought Justin Theroux was a serial killer when they first met / February 22, 2012
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 I was born in Sherman Oaks, California. I am a California girl through and through, and I'm sure this is always just sort of been in the back of my mind. It probably wasn't even a dream, it was one of my wildest dreams. I don't think that I ever even thought that this would be here, this day. So I am utterly humbled and grateful, 
— Jennifer Aniston in a ceremony after being honored with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame / February 22, 2012
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 No, we’re not pregnant. I am not planning to get married any time soon, 
— Jennifer Aniston saying she is not pregnant and is not ready to marry boyfriend Justin Theroux / October 26, 2011