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Jelena Jankovic Quotes

Women Tennis Player


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 We're just a talented nation. I don't know how to explain it. 
— Jelena Jankovic on why Serbian players are going through a purple patch / June 23, 2009
 I had something with my toe, it was hurting me inside. But I was able to forget about it. I also have pain in my abdominal, but when I'm on the court I just try to just forget all the pains that I have, and I just try to do the best that I can and try to win. 
— Jelena Jankovic / June 02, 2009
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 I should have won that, I had 30-love, and what more can I ask for myself? All of a sudden, point by point, and the game went in her favor and everything got complicated. 
— Jelena Jankovic on losing the fourth round match against Sorana Cirstea after being away 2 points from winning the match / June 01, 2009
 It's always a good idea to have a roof so then we can continue the match and we don't have to stop and wait around for an hour or more and then come back on court. 
— Jelena Jankovic on the 116 million euro plan for the French Open to have a rain-proof, covered court. / June 2009
 It's not so easy to stop the match and then especially being in the areas when you have to eat lunch. It's so crowded. There's so many people. It's tough to focus and have a relaxing time before you go on court again. 
— Jelena Jankovic on taking a break on rain breaks during tennis matches / June 2009
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 I cruised through the match and did my job, did what I had to do in order to win, 
— Jelena Jankovic after defeating Jarmila Groth in the 2009 French Open / May 30, 2009
 She's in this moment No. 1 and that's all that matters... What everybody else is saying it doesn't matter, everyone has their opinions and everyone can talk all they want but not everyone can say they're No. 1. 
— Jelena Jankovic on Dinara Safina / May 16, 2009
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 I finished last year No. 1 and I didn't steal that, it didn't fall from the sky—I earned it. 
— Jelena Jankovic saying she earned to be No. 1 last year / May 16, 2009