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Jayprakash Narayan Quotes

Lok Satta Chief


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 Voters are not really looking for an alternative to the main parties. My election was some sort of a romantic affair. 
— Jayprakash Narayan on the 2009 Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections / November 26, 2009
 We are engaged in a war and we need soldiers prepared to fight. I am not enamoured of fame but am only interested in transforming the country. 
— Jayprakash Narayan / May 18, 2009
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 Foundation laid for clean politics 
— Jayprakash Narayan on winning the Kukatpally seat / May 16, 2009
 The total expenditure incurred by all our candidates and the party would be less than half of the expenditure incurred by a single MP candidate from a traditional party. All the traditional parties put together have spent over Rs 4,500 crore during this elections 
— Jayprakash Narayan on the expenditure incurred for campaigning in 2009 elections / May 2009
 Yet not a single party candidate had resorted to unethical practices - even as the top leaders of other parties had shamelessly resorted to bribing of voters with money and liquor 
— Jayprakash Narayan accusing that other parties resorted to bribing the voters for votes / May 2009

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