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Jayanthi Natarajan Quotes

Congress spokesperson, Indian lawyer, Gandhi Family loyalist, politician


Jayanthi Natarajan is a member of the Indian National Congress and has been thrice elected Member of Parliament representing the state of Tamil Nadu in the Rajya Sabha. She has also been a minister in the Union Cabinet.

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 Please wait. You will find an announcement on the party's stand,... the CM is in town for consultation with the PM. He (Rosaiah) is in touch with the TRS chief K. Chadrasekhar Rao 
— Jayanthi Natarajan on Manmohan Singh calling a meeting with senior colleagues on Telangana Issue / December 09, 2009
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 We have announced six portfolios so far. Sharad Pawar will retain the agricultural ministry 
— Jayanthi Natarajan / May 23, 2009
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 People are aware that it is only Congress which can provide a stable government. All our allies are happy with us 
— Jayanthi Natarajan / May 14, 2009
 We are also urging the government to do more to address the humanitarian aspect of the Sri Lankan Tamil problem 
— Jayanthi Natarajan / April 21, 2009
 My party calls upon the Indian government to appeal to Sri Lanka for cessation of hostilities 
— Jayanthi Natarajan / April 21, 2009

 It is clear that the BJP has no issue, nor any programme to attack the Congress and is therefore resorting to personal abuse as an election issue. 
— Jayanthi Natarajan / April 16, 2009
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