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American stand-up comedian, television host and writer


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Date of BirthApril 28, 1950
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 There's no place like home, there's no place like home. 
— Jay Leno coming back on his show / March 02, 2010
 If you came here tonight for sex with a talk show host, you've got the wrong studio. 
— Jay Leno taking a dig at David Letterman / October 2009
 If we go down in flames, we will be laughing on the way down, believe me. 
— Jay Leno on his new comedy show / August 06, 2009
 I'm going to be going to a secluded spot where no one can find me - NBC prime time. 
— Jay Leno on his new comedy show / June 2009
 When we started this show, my hair was black and the president was white. When we started the show, Jon and Kate were both eight. 
— Jay Leno on his final monologue from The Tonight Show stage / May 29, 2009
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 NBC has been nothing but great. [President and CEO of NBC Universal] Jeff Zucker said for $40, I can purchase the robe that's hanging in my dressing room. 
— Jay Leno joking on NBC souvenirs / May 29, 2009
 The real trick to show business is try not to get too excited. Try not to get too depressed 
— Jay Leno in a telephonic interview to discuss his final week at NBC's Tonight Show / May 25, 2009
 I have the same friends I had in high school. I'm married to the same woman I had. I'm still driving the same car I had when I dated her - although I got a few more. I come in here and I enjoy it. I enjoy being a voyeur to show business. I enjoy looking at it and being around it. But it doesn't become my life. I don't let it absorb me. 
— Jay Leno on his life after becoming the host of NBC's Tonight Show / May 25, 2009
 If you don't want your dog to have bad breath, do what I do: Pour a little Lavoris in the toilet. 
— Jay Leno about Dog Breath
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