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Jason Kent Bateman appeared in several sitcoms. He became popular for his role of Michael Bluth on Arrested Development. He won a TV Land, a Golden Globe, and two Satellite Awards for the same role. Bateman acted in several hollywood films including The Kingdom, Juno, Hancock, and Up in the Air.

Jason Bateman Info

Birth nameJason Kent Bateman
Date of BirthJanuary 14, 1969
Place of BirthRye, New York, U.S.
OccupationsProfessional actor
Spouse (s)Amanda Anka (2001–present)
Years active1981 – present
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 A lot of the guys I met will sleep with pretty much any woman they meet. If you are really good friends with that girl, too, that’s a home run, so how can you resist that? The first part you can’t shut off. So I feel like a guy and a girl can remain best friends and not have something happen as long as one of them is in a relationship. As soon as both are single, you can start the clock, and then if you soak it in booze, things happen. 
— Jason Bateman / August 21, 2010
 Let’s create something, we will create a scandal. I’ll light my hair on fire! 
— Jason Bateman joking that he'd do anything for his upcoming film 'The Switch' to succeed / August 19, 2010
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 It’s weird to kiss your friend on the lips in a passionate way. There is a tongue conversation sometimes. I don’t remember having that with her. I seem to remember something along the lines of, you know, here I come. Or, chew this gum. 
— Jason Bateman speaking about his onscreen smooch to Jennifer Aniston in 'The Switch' movie / August 19, 2010
 There wasn’t one boo. Not one hiss. The Apple guy brought me in away from the paparazzi. Period. I was content in line. I wish I’d stayed. 
— Jason Bateman insisting that he wasn't being booed at when he cut in line for the new iPhone / June 30, 2010