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Janet Jackson Quotes

American recording artist and actress, sister of pop singer Michael Jackson


Janet Damita Jo Jackson is an American recording artist and actress. Born in Gary, Indiana, and raised in Encino, Los Angeles, she is the youngest child of the Jackson family of musicians. She first performed on stage with her family beginning at the age of seven, and later started her career as an actress with the variety television series The Jacksons in 1976. She went on to appear in other television shows throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, including Good Times and Fame.

Janet Jackson Info

Birth nameJanet Damita Jo Jackson
Date of BirthMay 16, 1966
Place of BirthGary, Indiana, United States
OccupationsSinger, songwriter, dancer, record producer, actress
GenresR&B, pop, dance
InstrumentsVocals, keyboards
Years active1973–present
LabelsA&M, Virgin, Island
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 I started getting breasts when I was 10, and to make me look more flat chested they would bind my chest. Immediately, it says OK, the way you are, you're not good enough. And that affected me at 10 years old. 
— Janet Jackson saying she developed at a young age / February 14, 2011
 We shared every dream, every confidence. I was his little sister and he always knew that I had his back... Later on in life, certain things that he was going through, I tried to be there for him as much as I could. There's still not a day that goes by that I don't think about him. Not one day. Not one day. 
— Janet Jackson thinks about Michael Jackson every day / February 11, 2011
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 I was in Paris and I just spent the night just watching all his videos, listening to his music. It was good for me, 
— Janet Jackson watching footage of 'This is It' helped her overcome her grief / February 11, 2011
 I said, 'I love you', he said, 'I love you too, Dunk'. My nickname, Dunk. Dunky fried chicken. It makes no sense. Michael was always silly like that. 
— Janet Jackson recalling the final conversation with Michael Jackson / February 11, 2011
 I would literally bang my head up against the wall because I didn’t feel attractive. There was a lot of pain in my life. But I did. I felt very unattractive, 
— Janet Jackson used to literally bang her head against the wall because she felt unattractive / February 08, 2011

 I still have issues with it. I don’t bang my head up against the wall, but I still have those moments. And I think it’ll probably continue but at least I know how to deal with it now. And I’m in a much better space. 
— Janet Jackson still have feeling some times that she is unattractive / February 08, 2011
 It makes you laugh, it really does. It makes you laugh. I guess some people could say, ‘Oh that’s, you know, brothers and sisters joking, it’s all affection, it’s all, you know, it’s in a loving way.’ But not everybody can brush it off, and I was one of those. 
— Janet Jackson saying her confidence problems stems from her brothers calling her by names / February 08, 2011
 He said, ‘I’m Joseph to you. You do not call me dad.’ That affects you as a kid. I know my father loves me. He just has a very, very different way of showing it, 
— Janet Jackson on her relationship with father Joe Jackson after he banned her from calling him dad / February 08, 2011
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