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Ishant Sharma Quotes

Indian cricketer, Kolkata Knight Riders cricketer


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 I have never been on the losing side for such a long time and it was the toughest phase of my career 
— Ishant Sharma saying the phase playing for IPL is the toughest in his life / May 27, 2009
 It will be important for us to make most of the practice matches before we go into the tournament 
— Ishant Sharma on Champion's league / May 27, 2009
 It was a learning experience, but it was really odd losing so many close matches. It was something new because I have never been in a similar situation playing cricket at any level 
— Ishant Sharma saying playing IPL is a learning experience / May 27, 2009
 I think the captain is only as good as his team. The fact was that the team did not perform and it did not matter who the captain or coach was at that point in time 
— Ishant Sharma saying the captain is as good as the team / May 27, 2009
 Zaheer will be no doubt be missed if he is unable to make it, but there will be enough people around to guide me just in case I need help 
— Ishant Sharma on Zaheer Khan for the Champion's League / May 27, 2009
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 Like South Africa, there will be some life in the pitches there. However, the length that you need to bowl will be different because the ball swings a lot more. In England, you have to pitch the ball up to take wickets 
— Ishant Sharma on taking wickets in England / May 27, 2009

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