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 We respect that. But all we are saying (is) that those relations should not be at the cost of Pakistan, and we are very clear and I think you're (Clinton) very clear on that, 
— Shah Mehmood Qureshi / March 24, 2010
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 I am of the view that Pakistan has been willing to engage, and I am confident as -- you know, two years down the line, I am confident of this relationship. I am confident that India will have to revisit its policy and very soon, 
— Shah Mehmood Qureshi / March 24, 2010
 Kashmir is becoming normal. Violence is less. This situation cannot be tolerated by forces inimical to India... normalcy was coming to Kashmir fast, infiltration was increasing. 
— AK Antony / March 17, 2010
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 All the terror camps in Pakistan are active. Pakistan has not taken any serious steps to destroy these camps, 
— AK Antony / March 17, 2010
 We request US again they must see that these new equipments which they are going to give to Pakistan it should be properly utilised, it should be deployed only in Af-Pak region and it is duty of the US to see that these equipments are not used against India, 
— AK Antony / March 07, 2010

 It is India's dangerous military doctrines and massive militarisation that are matters of huge concern for regional stability whereas Pakistan has always acted to protect its legitimate security interests. Our military doctrine is purely defensive in nature, 
— Abdul Basit / March 07, 2010
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 You are using this debate to sow seeds... What you are attributing to President Obama is certainly not true. In my discussions with President Obama, he has unambiguously said that there is no change in the U.S. policy towards India and Pakistan (relations), 
— Manmohan Singh reacting to LK Advani's claims that US pressure is behind India's decision to talk to Pakistan / March 03, 2010
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 It is good to be back here. I have come to bridge differences. I hope for a positive outcome. 
— Salman Bashir on coming to India for talks / February 24, 2010
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