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 The IPL is very much struggling to find acceptance back home. It saddens me because I have had an amazing time at the IPL. It's down to a lot of jealousy I think, which is sad. It saddens me, all the negative publicity the IPL gets in the media, I don't know why. 
— Kevin Pietersen saying England is jealous of Indian Premier League / April 12, 2012
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 It's unfortunate, but the IPL will continue. They have circulated a press release and I have seen that but without them giving us anything in writing officially, we cannot react. 
— Rajeev Shukla on Sahara's decision to snap ties with BCCI and IPL / February 04, 2012
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 Nita bhabhi pushed us into it. We wanted an off-spinner and Narine fits the bill. 
— Shahrukh Khan / February 04, 2012
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 We are thrilled to get a legend like Muralitharan. At the price we got him, it is a steal! 
— Siddharth Mallya on getting Muralitharan at the IPL auction / February 04, 2012
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 I certainly remember Test matches in the past where this has been looming, in the background and it is very much in the background. I would be very, very surprised if any of our players had their attention anywhere other than on the game at the moment especially after what's happened over the last couple of Test matches. So it's not a big issue for us. 
— Andrew Strauss saying IPL auction will not be a distraction to their players while they are on a tour playing against Pakistan / February 03, 2012
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 For me, there's a simple solution - you create a window for the IPL and all these probems go away, all the discourse and the conversations about it stops instantly, 
— Daniel Vettori wants the ICC to create a window for the IPL / April 26, 2011
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 Because of the IPL I got a chance to come back to the national team. After the injury nobody looked after me and I was not offered a contract. But thanks to the IPL I didn't lose anything but I improved my cricket a lot. I'm saddened the way I was treated but not disappointed. 
— Lasith Malinga thanks the India Premier League for helping him make a comeback to the national team / April 26, 2011
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 He told me he was very surprised at their decision. He was out of India at that time and so could not dictate the terms. Tendulkar promised to see the rules if they could still sign me, 
— Tamim Iqbal saying Sachin is surprised at Mumbai Indians not picking up Tamim Iqbal at the recent IPL auction / February 21, 2011
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 I felt there was panic every time we lost. There was panic among the owners, panic among the players. But you need continuity in a team to deliver, like Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. 
— Sourav Ganguly saying KKR lacks confidence in the team / February 07, 2011
 One has to understand that two more teams are entering the IPL, and the beauty of the IPL is that it's very competitive, anyone can win. We don't want to end up in a situation like in the Premiership [English Premier League] where only three or four teams can win the tournament. It's an even playing field. I like the concept of everyone having a chance to do well as it raises the level of the tournament. It raises the interest levels also. 
— Rahul Dravid is happy with the IPL player auction in November / September 21, 2010
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