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 We will try to make it a system-oriented management of the IPL. The government is looking into various issues and the BCCI and the IPL are supporting them. Some documents are missing. BCCI and IPL are trying to reorganise themselves so that we have all the documents. We will maintain full transparency. There is no hanky-panky. BCCI is a democratic set-up. We are doing utmost to make it work, 
— Chirayu Amin on how he plans to clean up the IPL mess / April 27, 2010
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 The job is tough. It has been thrown up to me unexpectedly. I didn’t expect to be put in the hot seat, 
— Chirayu Amin never expected to land in the Chairman job for IPL / April 27, 2010
 The success of the IPL was so dazzling that everyone was basking in its glory. Certain details were not disclosed to us in all this. We trusted Mr. Modi in good faith. I have to admit that the Governing Council could have been more vigilant, 
— Chirayu Amin saying the IPL's governing council erred in trusting Lalit Modi too much / April 27, 2010
 That's been accepted and document is signed. And we're not concerned if he gives sweat equity to someone or not. We're not concerned. That's his problem, he can give hundred percent as sweat equity. 
— Shashank Manohar saying Kochi franchise is not under any danger / April 26, 2010
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 Why should we make any preparations? If there are other people who are guilty we will sack them and take the same action against them. 
— Shashank Manohar on Lalit Modi's warning on twitter that he will expose other people involved in the IPL controversy / April 26, 2010

 In the last 15 days, there were lot of allegations and counter allegations made through media, as a result of which, the board looked into the allegations levelled and took a decision to issue a show cause notice to Lalit Modi, and pending inquiry, decided to suspend him. The board will hold, after receiving a reply from Mr. Modi, an inquiry if necessary. If the reply or Mr Modi convinces the members, the proceedings will be dropped … 
— Shashank Manohar announcing the decision to suspend Lalit Modi from BCCI / April 26, 2010
 A transparent and independent inquiry alone can establish the truth and setting up of a joint action committee (JAC) would pave the way for cleansing both cricket as well as the functioning of Central intelligence agencies, 
— Venkaiah Naidu demanding a JAC probe into the IPL deals and the phone tapping issue / April 25, 2010
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 No, I don't think so that it is BCCI versus franchise owners. It's just how individually we reacted. For us, we wanted to go. It was nice to see cricketers from different team laughing together. It could have been different had controversy not been there, 
— Preity Zinta on the Indian Premier League controversy / April 24, 2010
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 Please go ahead and clean up cricket. We will support everybody. But don't make random allegations. 
— Preity Zinta wants an end to the IPL controversy / April 24, 2010
 Full and fair investigation of IPL will compel loud-mouths to shut up by realising true value of sixth largest sporting event in the world, 
— Shilpa Shetty on her twitter page / April 24, 2010
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