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 If you have a family whose earlier generations have been in politics it gives you a head start 
— Sonia Gandhi on getting into politics / May 21, 2009
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 If you are a Gowda, a Vokkaliga, Lingayat and so on. You are given a ticket on the basis of what caste and community you belong to and then you are wooing votes from that community only 
— Capt G R Gopinath giving reason why he did not choose a specific caste / community / April 17, 2009
 The youth power can change the face and fate of the country. 
— Celina Jaitley / April 16, 2009
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 I entered the electoral fray because I believe India is crying out for change. 
— Capt G R Gopinath / April 15, 2009
 I did not choose a party as every candidate who represents a party does so by forfeiting his right to think! 
— Capt G R Gopinath in an interview to a private news/internet media outlet / April 14, 2009

 I'm not going to spend money and will be a low cost campaign 
— Capt G R Gopinath announcing his low cost election campaign which is similar to low cost airline concept / April 12, 2009