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Idris Elba Quotes

British television, theatre, and film actor


Idrissa Akuna "Idris" Elba has starred in both British and American productions. One of his first acting roles was in the soap opera Family Affairs. He has worked in a variety of TV roles including Ultraviolet and The Inspector Lynley Mysteries.

Idris Elba Info

Birth nameIdrissa Akuna Elba
Date of BirthSeptember 6, 1972
Place of BirthHackney, London, England, UK
Years active1995–present
Other Names / Nick NamesDJ Big Driis, Big Driis the Londoner
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 More and more, increasingly so. It’s definitely harder to sort of, maneuver. I’m not famous. You know, people don’t know my name. But they will recognize my face. ‘Morris Chestnut, right?’ I mean, just in my day-to-day experience, they don’t remember my name. Nine times out of 10, they’re like, ‘What’s his name again?’ I hear it every single day. ‘Oh, I love you — how do I say your name?’ 
— Idris Elba saying he is not famous / August 27, 2010
 It feels good to be sent some good stuff — I love to act and I love to challenge myself and all these scripts are very different. I’m getting offered a lot of p**n these days which is fantastic. 
— Idris Elba / August 16, 2010
 Directing is one of my goals, to get behind the scenes and pull some stuff together. I think I could do it well. I’m working with BBC Two as we speak about doing something. 
— Idris Elba would like to get into directing / August 16, 2010