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Hugh Hefner Quotes

Businessperson and owner of Playboy


Hugh Hefner Info

Birth nameHugh Marston Hefner
Date of BirthApril 9, 1926
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, US
Spouse (s)Mildred Williams (m. 1949–1959) (divorced), Kimberley Conrad (m. 1989–2010) (divorced), Crystal Harris (2010) (engaged)
ChildrenChristie Hefner (born 1952), David Hefner (born 1955), Marston Hefner (born 1990), Cooper Hefner (born 1991)
Known forEditor-in-chief of Playboy magazine, Chief Creative Officer of Playboy Enterprises
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 For the record, I have sex on a weekly basis. And I did throughout my two-and-a-half years with Crystal. 
— Hugh Hefner / July 30, 2011
 I didn’t see it coming. I truly didn’t see it coming. That is the No. 1 question and I don’t have an answer for you, I really don’t know what happened. I think that in time, the rest of the story will play out. 
— Hugh Hefner in a Piers Morgan interview on CNN about his 'runaway bride' Crystal Harris / July 14, 2011
 I do think that monogamy is possible. I just don't think it's the natural way of things. 
— Hugh Hefner on monogamy / June 11, 2011
 A June bride. It will be at the Mansion but it will be a little more intimate, 
— Hugh Hefner announcing that his wedding with Crystal Harris is on June 18 / February 23, 2011
 My brother will be my best man. The groomsmen will be my two youngest sons, Marston and Cooper. 
— Hugh Hefner saying his brother will be the best man at his wedding / February 23, 2011

 She, you know, she deserves it. She deserves to be my widow, 
— Hugh Hefner saying marriage to Crystal Harris will be his last / February 14, 2011
 I don’t think I ever knew the girl, you know? But I don’t regret it in that I got two wonderful children, 
— Hugh Hefner about his second wife Kimberley Conrad / February 14, 2011
 Good news from Egypt. Democracy prevails in a relatively bloodless revolution. A happy day! 
— Hugh Hefner in a twitter tweet about Hosni Mubarak resigning as President of Egypt / February 11, 2011
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 It’s taken a long time to get the right director and the right screenplay but it’s happening. My choice to play me is Robert Downey Jr. He’s a very talented actor. 
— Hugh Hefner wants Robert Downey Jr. to play him on the big screen / June 29, 2010