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Heidi Montag Quotes

American singer and television personality, best known for appearing on the MTV reality series The Hills.


Heidi Blair Pratt is an American reality television personality and recording artist. Montag is known for appearing on the MTV reality series The Hills, which began airing in 2006. The series followed the life of Lauren Conrad, with whom Montag shared an apartment. During the series, Montag began dating fellow cast member Spencer Pratt, whom she eventually married in November 2008. The pair are currently filming the sixth season of the series, while Conrad left to pursues a career in the fashion industry.

Heidi Montag Info

Birth nameHeidi Blair Montag
Date of BirthSeptember 15, 1986
Place of BirthCrested Butte, Colorado, United States
OccupationsReality television personality, recording artist, fashion designer
GenresPop, synthpop, electropop
Years active2005–present
OriginLos Angeles, California, U.S.
Other Names / Nick NamesHeidi Pratt
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 I read that Jennifer had banned me from the premiere for being too polarising, but I know now that it wasn't true. It never really made sense to me because Jennifer is such a sweetheart and she even commented before on a red carpet about how interesting and fun it was to have me in the movie. 
— Heidi Montag saying she was not banned to attend Jennifer Aniston's movie Just Go With It premier / February 11, 2011
 I got my invite and I would have loved to be there, but I had to be in Los Angeles with my dogs. I was honoured to be a part of such a great movie and I apologise to Jennifer and Sony for this big misunderstanding. Go see the movie this weekend! It's fantastic! 
— Heidi Montag on why she didn't attend Just Go With It Movie premier / February 11, 2011
 So excited for the people of Egypt! You’re making history. Congrats Egypt! 
— Heidi Montag in a twitter tweet about Hosni Mubarak resigning as President of Egypt / February 11, 2011
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 I spent $2 million on my music career, and it didn't happen for me, and now I have this opportunity, 
— Heidi Montag spent millions on her music career / February 11, 2011
 I want to make my own niche in the music world, that's just Heidi. It could be a Pink meets Britney Spears 
— Heidi Montag wants to make it big in music / February 11, 2011

 I will never have surgery again, It wasn’t worth it. I just don’t want to put my body under the knife again. I would rather have a little bit too big of breasts than risk my life again. 
— Heidi Montag saying she will never have a plastic surgery again / October 20, 2010
 As far as I’m concerned the last thing in the world after everything we have just been through is to go through with this divorce. But we are just taking life second by second. 
— Heidi Montag on divorcing Spencer Pratt / September 15, 2010
 I’ve had my nose tape on 24 hours a day since November. The tape is supposed to keep the swelling down and hold my nose in place the way Dr. Ryan sculpted it. I don’t want my nose to fall off like Michael Jackson’s. My breasts are crushing me. My body’s still getting used to them and I have major anxiety about it. 
— Heidi Montag is starting to regret about her plastic surgery / August 25, 2010
 I’m not aware of his filming me, but I wouldn’t put it past Spencer. He’s a sneaky guy and has little cameras everywhere that he got from China. I’m mortified at the thought that people could be looking at me naked before I had the surgery. 
— Heidi Montag is unsure if her s*x tape exists / August 25, 2010