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Harry Redknapp Quotes

Former English Footballer, Current Manager of Tottenham Hotspur football club


Henry James "Harry" Redknapp is the current manager of Tottenham Hotspur, a club in the English Premier League. He had previously managed Bournemouth, West Ham United, Portsmouth (twice) and Southampton. While in his second spell at Portsmouth, he managed the side that won the 2008 FA Cup. His son, Jamie Redknapp, played under him at Bournemouth and at Southampton. He is also uncle to Chelsea player Frank Lampard, who played under him at West Ham United.

Harry Redknapp Info

Full NameHenry James Redknapp
Date of BirthMarch 2, 1947
Place of BirthPoplar, London, England
Height5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Playing positionMidfielder
Current ClubTottenham Hotspur (Manager)
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 I speak to Daniel every day and he wants me to stay at the club. But at the moment he hasn't made me an offer of a contract and I haven't pushed him to either. 
— Harry Redknapp denies being offered new Tottenham contract / March 09, 2012
 Yes of course. It's nice if people put me in a position where they think I've got a chance of getting the job. It is flattering, other managers have come out and said nice things and I appreciate everybody's support really. I've had great support from everybody and that's important. 
— Harry Redknapp is flattered about the rumors of becoming manager of England Football / February 10, 2012
 Let them have it. Good luck to them! It will be interesting, won't it? I was at Old Trafford last Saturday and it was great hearing the Wolves fans chanting to the United supporters 'Thursday night, Channel Five' 
— Harry Redknapp backs Manchester City to win the Europa League / December 15, 2011
 It's going to be a difficult game, obviously they are a great side. But you have to look forward to games like this. These are the great days in your life and great days in Tottenham's history. You couldn't have a more exciting or tougher game. 
— Harry Redknapp is excited to be playing against Real Madrid in the Champions League Quarterfinals / March 18, 2011
 I think he would like to see what the future holds for him. He's a busy lad, his life must be unbelievable, but when you get a lad who wants to come here and train every day when he could be sitting at home having a month's rest, it tells you everything about him. He loves football. 
— Harry Redknapp about David Beckham / February 22, 2011

 He's been great to have around the place and he's just a top-class bloke, a proper good lad. He's welcome back any time. I think he would have brought something to the team if we could have got him on loan. But who knows? It's not impossible that he may be back here in the future. He can still play, he still pick a pass out. I've not looked into bringing him back in November - the chairman would need to look at that, I don't know what the financial side of it would be - I wouldn't have a clue how much it would cost. 
— Harry Redknapp saying David Beckham making a return to Tottenham is not impossible / February 22, 2011
 I think everyone that gets in it [the Europa League] wants to be out of it. They put reserve teams out every game. We want Champions League football again next year - it has been enjoyable and we want it. 
— Harry Redknapp saying nobody wants to play in the Europa League / February 12, 2011
 Liverpool are coming into it now so don't write them off. They have some good players and are a good side. The manager has them playing and they will be close. Manchester United, Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal - you have to finish above one of them. It won't be easy but we have a chance. We have to keep winning, we can't afford to slip up. 
— Harry Redknapp wants to finish in the top four in the Premier League / February 12, 2011
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 He was excellent again. I changed things at half-time [replaced Pavlyuchenko with Lennon] as I thought we looked very open in the first-half, so having one up front allowed him [Van der Vaart] to float around and play. 
— Harry Redknapp said of Van der Vaart after defeating Aston Villa 2-1 in the Premier League / October 02, 2010