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ICC Chief Executive


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Date of BirthMay 26, 1960
OccupationsCricket Administrator
Spouse (s)Farah Ebrahim (m. February 10, 1985) 2 children
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 Of course, the reaction is one of disappointment, because that's exactly what we'd not like to see but I think we must have perspective. It was a minor incident. 
— Haroon Lorgat about Bangladesh fans throwing stones at West Indies bus after the West Indies beat Bangladesh by 9 wickets / March 05, 2011
 We have felt in the past few years that Twenty20 is the best format to develop the game world-wide and it provides a better environment for competition. The 50-over format is more skill-based and suitable for the top teams. 
— Haroon Lorgat / February 18, 2011
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 I am confident for two reasons. The main one is that the vast majority of players are honest players. They do play the game in the spirit that it should be played. They are not seeking to make gains out of untoward means. Secondly, we are alive to what could come to the fore in terms of corruption. We have measures in place, and people forget we had been tracking this long before the News of the World had broken the story. 
— Haroon Lorgat says the World Cup 2011 will be corrupt free / February 08, 2011
 I agree with the notion that if it is regulated, it is a lot better than if it is not regulated. We have made inquiries, and these are the things we are working towards. 
— Haroon Lorgat saying ICC was having discussions at appropriate levels about whether gambling could be legalised / February 08, 2011
 We are very lucky to have such an extraordinary player as Sachin supporting our flagship event. I don't think any other player has inspired a nation like he has and the respect and affection he enjoys goes way beyond his native India. Many other athletes and sports fans around the globe admire what he consistently achieves and what he does for cricket. 
— Haroon Lorgat is happy to have Sachin Tendulkar as the brand ambassador of the 2011 World Cup / November 11, 2010

 The ICC is proud of the recognition given to cricket which we always considered to be our first step in becoming a part of the Olympic family. 
— Haroon Lorgat on IOC recognizing ICC as a federation / February 12, 2010
 In the last 14 months India has been dominating the world. In October 2008 India was ranked third in ICC Test Championships and in the last 14 months it has risen to No. 1. It would be fantastic if South Africa and India, the world's two top teams, play each other in February. 
— Haroon Lorgat on India becoming World No. 1 in test cricket / December 27, 2009
 In the ODIs, India is now ranked number two. Then you have Gautam Gambhir at the top of the ICC Test batsmen's rankings while Dhoni is on top in the ODI chart. Dhnoi is the ICC ODI Player of the Year for two consecutive years and chosen captain of both the ICC Tests and ODI teams of the Year. Then you have Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid whose contribution is invaluable. India has players, who, after a few years, will be considered as legends of the game. 
— Haroon Lorgat on the Indian cricket team / December 27, 2009
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 I think we must be careful that we don't fall for temptation and manage our programme. We must be careful of the dosage of T20. 
— Haroon Lorgat / June 05, 2009
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 The FTP does not include any fixtures between domestic teams, even those from more than one country, and only features ICC events, such as the ICC Cricket World Cup, the ICC Champions Trophy and the ICC World Twenty20, and bilateral fixtures between Full Member international teams 
— Haroon Lorgat contradicting Lalit Modi's statement that Champion's League is part of ICC's Future Tours Prgramme / May 28, 2009