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Hamlet Quotes


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 It's a part I have always wanted to play. I admire and love the play, and have seen many productions of it. And I needed to think about doing it soon because of my age. I'm not 22 any more 
— Jude Law on playing the character of Hamlet in a movie / May 29, 2009
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 I'm a lot more cynical now than I was. I used to have optimism and the belief that people would usually do the right thing, and that has been somewhat tainted by experience, which I think mirrors Hamlet's journey. He's let down by people 
— Jude Law comparing his life with that of his onstage character Hamlet / May 29, 2009
 We've just been rehearsing the scene when Hamlet meets Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and it's all about defining who you can and can't trust. 
— Jude Law speaking about his onstage character Hamlet / May 29, 2009