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 I just haven't found the place for them, I guess. Like, they can't be in a bathroom, that's just wrong. They can't be in the main living area, because that's way too self-serving - like, relax. I'm proud of them, don't get me wrong. I just feel weird about hanging them. Maybe I can hang them on top of somewhere that you can't quite see, but gets dusted once in a while. 
— Alicia Keys keeps her grammy awards in a box / November 03, 2012
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 I plan on making a lot more records, and hopefully one of them will be Grammy-worthy, 
— Kesha hopes to get a grammy award someday / February 12, 2011
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 My goal for 2011 is to win a Grammy. I just started posting videos online and then it just got to the point where they wanted to move me out to Atlanta and start recording songs. 
— Justin Bieber wants to win a Grammy in 2011 / January 04, 2011
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 My favorite Grammy moment lately [was] the Prince and Beyonce performance 
— on his favorite grammy performance / December 07, 2009
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 I was nominated for producer of the year award, I lost to Rick Rubin again, [who] is good to lose to. 
— on getting a nomination last year at the Grammy's / December 07, 2009

 I remember that I was nervous,I was real nervous. We performed "Where Is the Love." I remember I got up on the mic and said, 'Everybody go out and vote.' 
— recalling his first Grammy experience in 2005 / December 07, 2009
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 I'd like to give a message to the young people of America, and that is, we shall continue to abuse our position and f--k up the mainstream. 
— Bono while accepting Grammy for Best Alternative Album / 1994
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 Ninety-nine percent of my life is still completely common. I do have a golden helicopter. I fly it to Malibu. But other than that, I consider myself like everyone else. 
— John Mayer at the Grammy Awards
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 I just keep thinking back to when you're in second grade and you sing at your talent show the first time and people joke around and they say, 'Oh, maybe we'll see you at the Grammys some day.' That just seems like an impossible dream. 
— Taylor Swift at the Grammys
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 We are so excited. I can't believe we're winning a Grammy. 
— Beyonce Knowles
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