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 We have noticed that many our own voters did not vote for the party candidate during the recent Lok Sabha polls. They fell for the money tricks played by our opponents 
— BJP Goa spokesman Govind Parvatkar on the party's failure in elections / May 30, 2009
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 Palestinians are encouraged by the commitment President Obama and his administration have shown to Middle East peace 
— Saeb Erakat, a Fatah member and the Palestinians' top official / May 29, 2009
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 Tehrik-i-Taliban Punjab asks Muslims in Pakistan to stay away from areas where the enemy is 'taking advantage' of them, so that they are not harmed by jihadi attacks 
— on the suicide bombing in Lahore that killed 24 people / May 28, 2009
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 I think Sachin will undertake his stint with prudence and intelligence. The youngsters are very smart and I am very happy for him 
— Sachin Pilot's mother Rama Pilot on him / May 28, 2009
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 I hope he earns a good name in this city. I hope he makes his father proud. We have taught him well and I know he is a good boy. I have faith that he will not disappoint his father (M Karunanidhi) 
— Dayalu Ammal, Azhagiri's mother refering to him / May 28, 2009
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 Ranbir plays a double role and it's interesting because he has various looks in the film — from a young guy to an old man, so there's a full range of acting for him to go through. It's not typical masala fare. 
— Producer Sameer Rattonsey on Ranbir Kapoor about his movie Mera Jahaan / May 28, 2009
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 We announce today, with inexpressible sadness and heavy hearts, that our incomparable leader and supreme commander of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) attained martyrdom fighting the military oppression of the Sri Lankan government on May 17 
— in a statement admitting the death of Prabhakaran / May 25, 2009
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 The 83-year-old is reported to be considering selling the company he founded more than 56 years ago for some 200 million pounds, with Sir Richard Branson's firm Virgin tipped as a potential buyer 
— a source saying Hugh Hefner is planning to sell PlayBoy for £200 million / May 25, 2009
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 These elections have been rigged 
— John Tembo, Malawi Congress Party leader on the Malawi Elections / May 23, 2009
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 Many of the most influential commission and national competition officials with the greatest interest in our case will be in Zurich, Switzerland, and so unable to attend our hearing in Brussels 
— after withdrawing request for Antitrust hearing with the European antitrust commission / May 22, 2009
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